Sunday, December 14, 2008

Home 1 Month !!!!

I do not know if anyone is following this blog. If so I am sorry I have not updated.
Let me try and get everyone updated. The second trip was good and bad. Samuel did great and I got sick. However is time was slowly and quickly. It was amazing how we actually got out of Ukraine. On the 11 waiting day our translator started by going and picking up our court paperwork. We thing went to several other places getting other things in order. It was about 3pm when she went into the passport office. We figured we would be returning the next day to pick up the passport. NO she returned to the car 45 minutes later with passport in hand. WOW the same day birth cert and passport . I thought I was dreaming. We then headed back to the orphanage to pick up Samuel. To my suprise she them took us to the airport to get tickets. She intended us to fly back to Kiev that night. We had not even packed. Oh my goodness. What a Wirlwind. In the mist of it all there sits my little angel doing great!!!!!!!!!!!! We were able the actually fly home on the original plane tickets.

Now that we are home. Things are trying to get on a normal schedule. Samuel starts this week going to a small playschool 2 days a week that my mom runs. He is talking nonstop ( in russin and a little , very little english ). He seems to understand most of what we tell him. We read lots of books and play outside alot. I think he is adgusting well . A normal 3 Year old . Tells us NO anythime he does not want to do something talks back and has even thrown a couple of tantrums. He has the best pouty face. He is very bouncy not hyper but is moving most of the time. He will sit and watch some show on TV.

Enjoy the pictures

Monday, October 20, 2008

Going to bring our little angel home

We leave on Friday. I can not explain how excited we are. It has been a month since we have seen our little angel. We pray this will be a smooth semi-quick trip. Hopefully I will be able to update better than I did before. Till then

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I am sorry it has taken so long to tell you what is happening. We are back at home in the US waiting on a court date to make the adoption of our little Ukie angel final. He is at baby oprhanage no. 1 , Donetsk and the court they use to finalize is closed. The court is having some sort of audit that has everything backed up several several week. I am told that many families are waiting just like we are. If you know anyone adopting from this orphanage let me know.

Our little boy is just wonderful. He does have a medical issue that we will have to deal with but it is nothing that we cannot not handle. Hopefully with good nutrition and medical follow-up it will not be an issue.

For now we are enjoying being home. We will go back to a normal routain and wait for word 0f the court date. We feel so very blessed to have found our little boy. Your can really see where God has gone before us and prepaired the way. Eventhough we are home waiting everything has gone rather smoothly. OK OK outside of the hard bed, food, oh and lets not forget the ride between Kiev and Donetsk , Really smoothly. I will take these small things.
For those of you that are praying , thank-you very much. we are feel the prayers . Please continue to pray. I am not sure how my job is going to react to me taking off again and this time at least 3 weeks will be unpaid. I am still going to try and stay home for 3 weeks when we come back with our little boy. We are hopping that the second trip will last for no longer that 20 days. This will all work out as it has been.

We miss our little boy very very much and hated to leave him. It will not be long untill we see him again. It will not be long until he is home with us.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Going to see a little boy

We are leaving this morning to go see a little 3 year old boy. Please continue to pray for us on this adventure. The drive will take 8 hours. I am glad we are driving instead of using the train or flying. I praise God and give him all of the glory on this trip. With out him nothing is possible.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Waiting on Second Appt

We have our second SDA meeting this coming Wednesday at 4pm. This is about 9am midsouth time. Please continue to pray. Ukraine is a beautiful place and most of the people seems to want to help those that find themselves not knowing the language. Michael and I have spent a lot of time walking and walking and walking. The waiting has gotten very old quick. We are ready for the second appt and to get on with it. Whatever it is. The Lord knows our hearts. We have had many talks with him. If it is meant to be than it will happen. If not we will be upset but have had an adventure and hopefully one step closer to finding our children. We pray it is here and we do not go to plan D. For those that are reading this and know me. You know we originally want little boys under 4. We are willing to look at boys under 6.. The SDA really want us to look at older children like 10. We feel we are not ready for that age and will not go over 6. Therefore our wishes and the SDA may differ. We are still praying for 2 little boys under 5. Please pray the Lord will make us strong and quiet to hear him speak to us during the next appt.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We Are Here

We made it to Kiev. VIP is the way to go at the airport. It was wonderful just walking though. Now jet lag as set in and Michael and I have sleep at lot today. However we did walk to a beautiful church and through a park. the park overlooks the river. Our apt is nice and on the 5th floor. I knew there would be alot of walking but my brain did not tell my feet. !! LOL We are hoping to meet up with another family from the states to eat. We have not eaten much since we have been here. Wish us luck and pray.

Monday, August 25, 2008


We leave for the airport in a little while. I will post again when I can. Pray for us.